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A footwear brand recently collaborated with us, intending to get more traffic and increase revenue through organic efforts. And we doubled the organic clicks and sessions for their online store in just 3 months.

If you’re wondering how we did that, keep reading this interesting SEO case study.

About the Brand 

The brand is an Indian online vegan footwear store for men and women. Their products are made from raw materials such as old tyres, conveyor belts, rubber mats, cork and discarded rubber. 

With a strict no-chemicals policy, they design their vegan footwear from ethically sourced materials – jute, cotton, upcycled corks and more – and turn them into stylish, sustainable fashion footwear. 

Brand Concern 

The brand’s offerings are niche, and their uniqueness makes them challenging. There is stiff competition from other big brands (with not-so-vegan footwear) within the same industry. 

The project’s target audience is consumers of plant-based products(vegan consumers), so they remained our priority in our marketing efforts. In addition, we had to focus on high-competition keywords relating to the footwear industry. 

Another big challenge for us was to grow the brand during the off-season and increase sales.

Our Challenge 

The site had only 1400 monthly organic views when we started the project. 

During the initial stage of the project, they were only getting the branded traffic. So our main objective is to get traffic from non-branded queries which have the capacity to get converted. 

We need to compete with big brands in the Indian e-commerce market for most of the keywords we target.  

Most of their products are not made for the monsoon season. So, we need to make customers aware of why they’re worth investing in vegan footwear products in the off-season- Monsoon. 

The Ultimate Solution 

1. Content-driven eCommerce 

We found that content-driven eCommerce websites still have a weightage in SEO.  So, we have updated unique content to all collections pages, including all the relevant keywords.  

We mapped the right keywords to the right category page and also created new collections to keep the optimum number of keyword targeting per page. It helped us to improve the ranking for each collection page.  

2Niche-Based Blogging Strategy

We wrote relevant niche-based blog topics(topics that are closely related to vegan footwear), which had the potential to improve product awareness.

We have chosen the topics that the customers are most likely to ask about the products and brands, which also include the problems/demerits of products. 

Niche-Based Blogging Strategy

Through the new blogs we created,  the website was able to rank for long-tail keywords. 

3. The off-season opportunity

Searches for vegan leather footwear are significantly lower during the monsoon season. So we researched the season’s trends. Noticed that people are searching specifically for “monsoon footwear”, but our brand was not there in the nearby position for this and related keywords in the SERP. 

We have created and stored products specifically for the monsoon season to focus on “monsoon footwear” like keywords through new collection pages. In addition, we also used keywords according to the gender on different pages. 

Also, The monsoon blogs positively impacted driving traffic to monsoon collection pages. These are the blogs where we explicitly cover all the brand concerns among the users in the off-season, and these blogs were ranked in featured snippets for various keywords. This helped to create awareness about the product’s usability during the monsoon season. 

4. Niche-based link-building approach

We created a strong backbone for the website by doing quality niche-based link-building activities. For example, we have chosen websites and blogs closely related to the footwear industry and approached them to get a link back to our website. 

We also chose quora questions regarding vegan footwear with more than 100 views and provided clear answers. 

The Ultimate Result 

In just 3 months doubled organic clicks & sessions to the online store.  Also, we saw some incredible results that included: 

  • A 75% increase in site organic impressions
  • A 93% increase in new users
  • A 94% increase in users

2x organic clicks- seo case study

2x organic sessions- seo case study